About me


“I am a farm wife, a mama of 2, Lifestyle coach, exercise & nutritional therapist and passionate clinical herbalist.”

My Passion

Sharing 18 years of education  and experience in various health and wellness fields. I love to teach and educate on ‘tried & tested’ knowledge and experience about living a wholesome life. Teaching you to live the way we were designed to do. 
Having grown up with every allergy under the sun, I tried every medication, cream and diet known to man. I was permanently on cortisone and medication to manage the symptoms instead of dealing with the ROOT cause of my issues.
I immersed myself in studies (physiology, exercise, nutrition and how to use food to heal) and never stopped, through trying to heal myself and my own issues I found my passion for helping unblocking the body through lifestyle changes and helping the body heal naturally.
I went from PAIN to PURPOSE and found my purpose helping others thrive. 
I finally learnt the benefit of wholesome nutrition, Natural remedies and natural movement. I learnt to respect the body and how powerful nourishment over punishment is. Your body is far more worthwhile.
I use what I have learnt through years of studies and real life experience!
I am a mom of two young munchkins and we live on a farm, in a beautiful area of the country, way off the grid in the ‘sticks’.
I love to share my tried and tested wholesome recipes; nutritional advice, exercise ideas; general health advice; tips on herbalism, blog posts on relevant topics; the good; the bad and the ugly side of health & wellness and decoding confusing internet advice.
I am a lover of nature’s ‘farmacy’ and love sharing ways to heal your body from the inside out, using what nature has provided us with. This has lead me to qualify as a Clinical Herbalist, so that i can use that knowledge on my own family.  I work alongside your healthcare practitioner, and what I teach is meant for educational purpose only and promoting wellness. It does not in any way infer that these interventions are superior to modern medical advise, but rather as an assistance to support healing processes. Always consult your naturopathic/medical practitioner when unsure. 

The GUT is a key point in all my protocols. A healthy gut equals a healthy body. I believe in removing trigger foods and unblocking the body so that it can function optimally. 

Working with children and families and teaching them to love movement and to eat well gives me a massive amount of joy. I consider it a privilege and blessing helping families realise that healthy nutrition can be delicious and very effective, as an natural treatment protocol.

Allergies and special considerations are very close to home. Wholesome foods heal, I am proof of that! Born with eczema (which I did not outgrow at the age of 2, like most do) and chronic allergies, I struggled most of my life, red itchy eyes and skin, blocked nose, hay fever, rashes, fever blisters and constant illnesses. I realised 15 years ago that my biggest trigger was hidden toxins in foods. I made some drastic changes! Set my mind to it and decided that I was worth the effort! 

So this was what healthy felt like

For this reason, I believe that we need to eat what the earth provides us with; putting nutrients into our body that help the body thrive and heal whilst removing toxins that block your body from performing optimally! I focused on natural foods. My golden rules became: ‘if it looks like it does in nature’ or  ‘if it grows in a garden or on a plant – eat it!’ I still teach this to all my clients.

My life, love & kids

Since having kiddies of my own, I have become even more aware of how important a solid foundation is, to cultivate the love of movement and wellness through sound nutrition.

I have been blessed with two very active children, who have grown up surrounded by a wholewome lifestyle of movement and natural ways.

My daughter unfortunately HATES fruit and vegetables! HATES! Forcing me to become the sneakiest chef around, for example: Spinach is ‘herbs’ when asked. My hubby falls for this too, as he feels that by eating meat he is eating the grass that the animal fed on and this is considered a salad. Sure!

There are ways and means, I have learnt them and I am not ashamed to use them!

My husband and I, our two young children, our beefy Pitbull Tank and our 5 crazy cows and 25 loony chickens now live on our family farm, completely off the grid. We farm with bees and have the most amazing organic honey. We grow our own organic fruit and veg, have our own chickens and will be adding aquaponics to the mix soon, for fresh fish. Soon a dairy cow, a donkey, a goat and and and….

The future looks bright

Boot camps, adventure races, multi stage mountain biking, wellness workshops, my book and all our own organic products are on the cards for me, as well as stalking people online with their wellness plans.

I am a wife, a mom and a business woman, which makes me human. I understand that life happens but I want to be the person that helps individuals realise that they are a priority and there is always a solution to those life situations.

You are worth the effort.

I will never not be in the health & wellness industry, I live what I teach and if I can spend the rest of my days teaching people what it feels like to feel and look your best, and how to achieve that, then I will be happy!

My Experience

Crazy years

Happy (slightly frightened) online consultation clients

Registered courses

Hours spent with clients one on one (roughly)